Save Money on Amazon with these Simple Hacks

Regardless of whether you want to buy accessories, clothes or books, you can easily find anything on Amazon. This electronic commerce company has captured the attention of digital market by large. The virtual superstore has its unique appeal due to extensive variety of options, fast delivery options and availability of numerous discounts. Other than this, there are also some tips and techniques that you can follow to make buying on Amazon easier, cheaper and quicker. Some of these amazing hacks include:

You Can Use Amazon Prime

Are you a frequent buyer at Amazon? Amazon offers a one year membership known as Amazon Prime for $99 to their regular customers. You will also get a two-day shipping facilities and regular access to all the freebies. Other than this, you will also get to stream music video, movies and TV shows on their website. Amazon Prime can help you in saving a lot of money if you always have to pay additional amount for faster delivery options.

Free Supersaver Shipping

You can also get a free shipment if you are not in hurry to receive your order! You don’t need to pay shipment chargers with free supersaver shipping. However, you should not use this option if you need to get your shipment quickly as it usually takes around six to eight working days in delivering your order.

Subscription Services

A lot of people run their businesses by getting stock from Amazon. If you constantly order same items every month, a subscription service can help you save a lot of money. You can sign in to the Subscribe & Save program which will help in discounting the prices of your products. It will also help in regular shipment of products on a consistent basis.

Don’t Forget to Use Warehouse Deals

If you are looking to substantially drop the price of your items, you can use this Warehouse Deals option. You can find refurbished items available at discounted prices. You do not need to worry about the quality as they are verified by Amazon.

Free Prime Trials

This is one of the most useful hacks to save on your Amazon purchases. The e-commerce website is famous for regularly offering discounts and prime trials. You can share your Prime discounts with four other members on Amazon.

Using Amazon Appstore

If you want to get the most out of Amazon, you should use their Free Apps and Kindle books. You can download one app on Amazon Appstore every day for free. Other than this, you will also find Kindle eBooks offered for free on different days. Search “Top 100 Free” on Kindle and you will find some of the latest offers. Other than this, you can also use Kindle Daily Deals page on your Amazon account. You will get best offers under $4 everyday.

These are some of the most interesting hacks you can use to cut some costs on Amazon. These techniques can be combined to save a lot of money in a month.